Sofia conquers Berlin?


The exhibition ‘Sofia: Two Visions, Brother and Sister’ was presented at the gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in the heart of the monumental German capital from july 16th to july 25th 2009. The opening was kindly organized by the institute, and both the authors Kiril and Margarita Baykov, together with the ‘Dramaexport’ team attended the event.

Despite the relatively humble attendance, the showing of ‘Sofia: Two Visions, Brother and Sister’ in Berlin was an exciting experience for both authors and the organizers alike. Of course, there was the wonderful opportunity to present the exhibition to both German and Bulgarian photography lovers; more importantly, from artistic point of view, it was the intriguing cultural clash of diversity between the two of the oldest and dignified European capitals that stirred the artistic emotions.

The opening of the exhibition attracted the attention of Ms. Oli Grueva, director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute and Mr. Klaus Christian Brennecke, former cultural German attache in Bulgaria.