The main idea of the film is to play with the audience’s expectations. The spectators are misled into believing that the beginning of the film is a prelude to scenes of sex and violence; instead, what they are watching is the training process of a female gymnast, learning an asymmetric bars combination.
As an equally important aspect of the plot, the beauty of the female body and the way it reacts to physical strain are revealed. The elements performed on asymmetric bars are usually very extreme, even unrealistic in their complexity. They bring the female athletes’ bodies and stamina almost to the edge of human ability to deal with pain. The air jumps have become the most attractive part of this sports discipline and often the best athletes perform elements that truly defy gravity.
The film Casta Diva is an attempt to show pain in the context of the notions of sadism and masochism, which are fundamental aspects of human character. 


Cast: Stella Zdravkova, Bogdan Kazandjiev
Director of photography: Georgi Raykov
Written and directed by: Stefan Tenev





The director and scriptwriter of more than 50 films and TV programmes, Stefan Tenev began his career in the film industry when he was sixteen years old. He first worked as a gaffer; later he became an editor, and for ten years hе was an assistant cameraman and cameraman for music videos and TV ads. Stefan started directing short films in 1999: among others, Romeo and Juliet was included in the selection for the festival in Lodz, Poland and Nestinarka was selected for the festival ‘Golden Vitiaz’ in Moscow. In 2000 he started developing and directing the extreme sports TV programme Bx3m, as well as the music TV show Lakritz. He has also directed many low-budget TV advertisements and music videos. Currently, Stefan works as a freelance director for the Bulgarian National Television and the media company “SIA advertising”.