"On Air"



The story of the film is an interpretation of the memories of a man, experienced in the last moments of his life, between the end of pain and the approaching of death. Through the art of dance, the dying man’s memories reveal the stages of his life:  adolescence, seeking and finding of the beloved one, the loss of love and the image of death. The film has an experimental form – together with the dance choreography and stage lighting, the only soundscape of the performance is created by the rhythms of the dancers’ own heartbeats. As the tempo of the dance quickens, so do the heartbeats and the dancers’ performance becomes even more intense.



An interesting experiment in the filming process was the dubbing of the main camera – RED 1 with a 3D camera. The cameraman of the latter is Ivo Markov who, especially for the production of ‘On Air,’ created a method of synchronization and creation of a 3D film image by using two cameras Canon Mark 2.


Written and directed by: Stefan Tenev
Cameraman: Georgi Raykov
Sound designer: Mihail Dichev
Choreographer: Mariana Krancheva
Cast: Mariana Krancheva, Triphon Mitev, Milena Nikolova-Milenita