A glamorous debut for Dramaexport -

'Sofia Two Visions, Brother and Sister'



The official opening of the photographic exhibition 'Sofia: Two Visions, Brother and Sister' took place on april 27th at the 'Seasons' gallery in Sofia. Among the guests attending the event were media and business partners of the project, politicians, artists and, of course the whole team of 'Dramaexport'.


The event commenced at 7pm, when professor Stanislav Semerdjiev (prominent Bulgarian dramaturge and rector of the Bulgarian National Academy of Film and Theatre Art) welcomed the guests. He wished them to experience a catharsis provoked by the brave and    emotionally charged photographs and naturally, wished the authors every success for their future projects. After prof. Semerdjiev's thought-provoking address, the authors - Kiril and Margarita Baykov, were left with the pleasant task to allow their work to be left to speak for itself. Therefore, they did not engage in long speeches, but rather encouraged the guests to taste the exquisite wine selection, kindly offered by 'Damianica' wines.


Among the special guests of the event were the mayor of Sofia Mr. Boyko Borisov, HE Tsuneharu Takeda, ambassador of Japan, together with Mrs. Takeda, and HE Martin Klepetko, ambassador of the Czech Republic, Petar Andonov – former ambassador of Bulgaria to Japan and distinguished journalist and business expert, Stefan Dimitrov - prominent composer, and Bojidar Ikonomov - renowned photographer. The event also attracted the attention of the journalists Bogdan Rusev ('Capital Light' magazine), Stefan Djambazov (Radio France Internationale Bulgaria), Zelma Almaleh (BGNES), Plamen Petrov ('Bulgaria Air' magazine) and Elena Peneva (www.dnes.bg) among others.


'Sofia: Two Visions, Brother and Sister' received positive comments from its first, distinguished audience and attracted nationwide media coverage: television (Nova TV, Channel 1 – Bulgarian National Television), the press ('Edna sedmica v Sofia' magazine, the newspapers 'Standart', '24 Chasa', 'Sedmichen Trud') and also various websites contributed to the popularity of the

photography project.


The exhibition could be seen from april 28 to may 1 and also on may 7 at 'Seasons' Gallery, Sofia, 2A Krakra Str. 


General sponsor of the project - 'Sofiyska Voda'