"Dramaexport" in action!



“Dramaexport” is proud to participate as a partner organization for projects of the programme “Youth in action”, organized and funded by the EU.


The programme aims to encourage the young people to fully experience their European citizenship. The projects of “Youth in action” combine educational as well as non-formal, 'workshop' aspects. Through the projects realized in both EU and non-EU countries, the programme gives young people the opportunity for an intercultural dialogue, the chance to present their country and to learn more about other participants’ traditions and lifestyle. This creates a positive attitude towards the global community, which unites youngsters from different social backgrounds, people with diverse interests and talents.

The project “Hear the voice of the warming globe” took place in Sirnak, Turkey in February 2009. Young people from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria visited the city of Sirnak, led by the desire to re-discover the mythical abode of Noah. According to numerous local legends, it was precisely in this region of Anatolia where Noah built his floating house. The project, however, added new symbolic meaning to the traditional lore. The global warming is a problem, which could eventually lead to a futuristic ‘flood’. Thus, by visiting sights of historical importance and talking to the local people, the young people exchanged views and ideas regarding the current environmental problems. Of course, sometimes serious discussions were left in the background - especially when the participants were welcomed with aromatic tea and specialties of the oriental cuisine!